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Goodcreds is keeping people honest.

How Goodcreds Works

Goodcreds reviews an individual’s history and background, then assigns the individual a rating based on the results. You can increase your rating by doing good things.











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Why use Goodcreds?

 Quickly know if the person you are dealing with is honest and fair in all of their affairs.

What can you do with Goodcreds?

Show it off!  There are tons of honest, hardworking people out there that want to meet you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your profile has been approved, you can enable/disable public access to your rating from your profile page.

If you disable public access your rating will no longer appear to anyone accept you.

Yes, clean up your act or do good things like donate to charity.

No this is all about honesty.  If you try to bribe or cheat your way to a higher rating, you will be down-rated or permanently banned from the site. But you can do good things to increase your social creds, just by simply donating or working with a charity organization.

Goodcreds reviews a user/entity’s submitted application, then assigns the user/entity an “obfuscated identity” also known as a social badge. The social badge contains a code that is scan-able and points back to the user/entity profile. Do good things and your social creds increase.

No. We are not a consumer credit reporting agency, which means we do not store credit information as defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Then they either have public access disabled or they haven’t registered for an account yet.

Only site administrators will be able to view your application.  Once a rating is assigned, the personally identifiable information will be destroyed. This is a groundbreaking technology called “Obfuscated Identity”.